Travel Essentials for Women

by - June 27, 2016

You might read a list of travel essentials for women or such a generic article before, but I'm sure you must have not read one or all of these mentioned essentials. I wanna keep this list short and crisp, and write only those essentials I think are most ignored.

Do not underestimate the power of this wash. So yes, if you're a newbie in taking care of your vaginal area, let me tell you what this product is. These washes are meant for the obvious reason--keeping your vagina clean and dry. Carry this on your trips, no matter how long or shot the trip is. Washing your vagina with this product is going to be helpful, and you'll instantly feel refreshed.
I have not carried this on few trips and have regretted miserably.

This product is just to make you feel refreshed and dry. After bath, just sprinkle some powder near your vaginal area and you'll get a heavenly feeling.

You have no idea how useful these wipes have proven. During my last to last Industrial Visit, I was menstruating. While coming back in the train, I used to feel unhygienic and disgusted by the uncleanliness in the toilets. I had to use the toilet and that's when I used the wipes. I had a pack of Johnson's Baby's wipes, and they've been my best friend since.

I had mentioned about these twice before. Carry a pack of panty liners wherever you go, as they're truly the best thing. When you travel, you tend to drink less water, which leads to dehydration. Dehydration brings a foul smell. When you put on a panty liner, all the fluids are absorbed by the liner, and you're free from any wetness or foul smell.

Carry these four things and I guarantee you that you'll enjoy the trip without being conscious about anything! Do comment below if you want the names of the products I use.

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