Relaxing Music

by - June 16, 2016

Thanks to my brother for introducing me to this trick. Whenever I am stressed out or feeling low, I follow this trick. On YouTube, there are all sorts of videos, along with music 'videos' that apparently have no moving pictures but just a song playing in the background and few pictures for the sake of it. Sometimes, there's just music and black background.

These relaxing videos are magical. You can search something like 'relaxing music', 'relaxing music for stress relief', 'relaxing music for yoga, meditation', 'music for studies', etc. The videos are as long as four hours, but you'll get one with lesser time if you just add '1 hour' after the main search entry.

This video is my favourite and I've listened to it many times. 

For all you insomniacs, you should try listening to such music in order to get some sleep at least. I've fallen asleep due to this a great lot of times and I simply appreciate the musicians for creating such a lovely melody. The stress is gone, and your anger level comes down to zero. Give such music a try and lead a simpler, peaceful life.

Hugs and Kisses.

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