The Modern Indian | Outfit

by - June 18, 2016

I purposely chose 'The Modern Indian' as the title. This outfit is partly Indian and partly modern. I have worn a sleeveless red kurta as a tank t-shirt. To add to the modern look, I've tied a knot diagonally near my waist. I'm wearing stilettos, the one we usually wear along with short skirts and skin-fit dresses. My hair are left open instead of a perfectly oiled braid or a neat and tidy bun. The open hair also depicts a laid-back attitude, which can be seen from my expressions above. The golden long earrings characterise shyness, beauty, and fierceness. And the very obvious shorts represent modernisation. 

I liked the merger of the modernisation and traditionalism, as you can say, I am somehow such a person. I am a modern young woman, but I have not forgotten my roots. I would love to bring in more changes in me like broadening my mind more, accepting that people can love/believe/do according to their choices and not judge them, yet, also eager and willing to ask my mom how certain customs are carried out, or how to make puran poli and tilgul vadi for Holi and Makar Sankranti respectively. 

Now that you know the purpose behind blending together this outfit, let's get into its details.

BANGLES | Golden (Two Different Sets)
FROM | Local Beauty Store
PRICE | Rs. 120 (combined)

CLUTCH | Golden
FROM | Roadside
PRICE | Rs. 200

PRICE | Rs. 125

KURTA | Red Sleeveless
FROM | No Idea (My Sister's)
PRICE | No Idea (My Sister's)

FROM | Hill Road, Bandra
PRICE | Rs. 250

SHOES | Wellworth
PRICE | Rs. 2,595


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