June 2016 Goals

By Rutuja Bhagwat - June 03, 2016

Here are my goals for June 2016:

From this June, I'll be a Second (and Final) Year Student. I also have to announce that I secured the 3rd Rank in my college and passed with an A Grade. Yes, I'm happy, but regret putting more efforts, as the 2nd ranker was just a percent ahead of me.
New academic year means the entry of juniors, new books, new professors, new courses, and a new place for the Industrial Visit. Frankly, I'm always excited for the IV. (Psst, I love travelling!)

My gym membership has expired and I'm not gonna renew it until July or so. I want to see how my schedule is and how much tired I get. Accordingly, I'll join from July or August. As I won't be working out in a gym, I'll have to find alternatives for the same. I'm thinking of working out at home for at least 15 minutes every morning, before going to college. Also, drinking green tea is on the list. I will also concentrate on eating a heavy breakfast and avoid the tempting cheesy college canteen food.

June is the advent of monsoon season in India. I'll write various monsoon related posts. Though I have not thought about them at the moment, but, definitely I'll write. Most of my monsoon topics are spontaneous.

My father is out of town, so I don't think there will be any monsoon trips with my family. But I'll definitely go with my friends, as we always plan of going in either June or July.

June is full of birthdays; my mother's, brother's, best friend, Anurag's, and a very close friend, Shweta's birthday falls in this month. I'm gonna make each one of them happy from my side and put in efforts to gift/surprise them.

Surprisingly, I found four of my business cards kept in my Hello Kitty tin container. I'm glad I found them as without the business cards, I feel naked. I'm gonna order either from a nearby printing shop or from the printing site I always order my cards from.

With money flowing in, I must organize it carefully and spend only on important things. I also have shopping in my mind, so I must be choosy in where I spend.

What are your June goals?

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