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by - June 08, 2016

I'm in love with the heels I bought from I wanted a pair of stilettos real bad. I searched for them on many sites and finally found this gorgeous pair of golden heels on Jabong. I'm stunned to see the collection on the site. I'm a shoe-lover and honestly, this site is one with plenty of options. I definitely recommend you chics to go and have a look there!

My golden stilettos are from the brand Wellworth and oh my, my, the collection is too good to be real, and too gorgeous to be available. The price of mine is Rs.2,595, but I got it for Rs.1,298 because there was a 50% discount on it. (How I love discounts!) The heel height is five inches and I couldn't have asked more! I just loved everything about the shoes.
More than the look and height of it, the fact that they're super sturdy and of surprising high quality makes me not regret my purchase. Yes, guys, the quality is mind-blowing. You can put on how much ever pressure you want on your heels and they won't break; they're reliable.

I was stunned to see other options of the same brand Wellworth on Jabong.

You'll get pairs of whatever kind of shoes you want, with a superior quality. There are loafers, boots, platform heels, stilettos, wedges, and flats in some really amazing designs.

Also, (I'm obsessed with golden things I know) you can find all these in golden colour too. I'm definitely looking forward to doing all my shoe-shopping from this site, especially Wellworth, since I know about its quality now, which is the most important aspect, according to me. 

I have paired my gilded shoes with a red kurta and blue shorts and have embellished the look with some fine golden jewellery. I'll be posting the outfit details soon, so stay with me.

They definitely look good on me.

Which is your go-to site for shoe-shopping?

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