Cheering for Zidane

by - June 04, 2016

Here's my entry for a chance to see the football legend Zinedine Zidane at the #KanakiaParis, which is at BKC, Mumbai. I've written an honest write-up for the same and you can say, this is just me talking about the love I shared for football with my brother when we were children and had just developed love for football seeing some legendary footballers like Zidane, Beckham, Henry, Ronaldo, etc. Read it, if you guys love football and used to watch it back then, the truly golden era of football, for me at least.

So, how do I begin writing this post? As soon as I read about the #BlogForZidane contest on Twitter, I knew I was going to click the link. Zinedine Zidane has been a big part of our lives--mine and my brother's. Luckily, if I win this contest, I'll be able to send my brother to see his all-time favourite 'Zizou'. And what can be better than the fact that the big day is 10th of June, the exact day when my brother was born.

I'll be the happiest sister if my brother gets a chance to meet Zidane on his birthday. He was such a big fan of his that until now he uses his email id, which is He used to collect his photographs when Zidane used to play. Zidane is the reason why I started watching football with my brother. Our favourite team was Real Madrid back then and we used to relish seeing him play. My brother definitely cried when Zidane was given a red card in the World Cup finals and France had lost the match. It was as though India had lost.

Zidane will always be my brother's favourite player, irrespective of whether he plays or not. Not at the venue, but I'll definitely Cheer for Zidane from home. I wish this little article of love and truthfulness wins and my brother gets his best gift of life--a chance to see Zidane. (I also want to make it up to him for cooking a bad pizza yesterday night. He was expecting a delicacy!)

Kanakia Spaces, you guys are brilliant to take Zidane as your brand ambassador. As soon as I read that Zidane was working with you guys, my respect grew. Your company seemed like one close to me. Hope you select the deserving person to see the God of Football (that's what my brother thinks!)

How will I cheer for Zidane at Kanakia Paris? I don't know. I'll be sending my brother if my blog post wins. He'll have tears in his eyes and will be thankful towards me. This post is just a little throwback to our times, when we were crazy about football. The day Zidane retired from football was the day my brother lost interest in the beautiful game. Just like cricket fans lost the interest in cricket when Sachin Tendulkar retired!

Hope my entry wins and hope my brother gets a chance to meet Zidane--his all-time favourite footballer. Thank you Kanakia Paris for giving this opportunity for all the Zizou lovers out there! #BlogForZidane 

Have you guys ever watched Zidane play?

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