Faces Correct & Care Cream Review

by - June 19, 2016

I wanted a CC or a BB cream as my old one is almost about to go extinct. I was looking out for a cream that would not make my skin produce more oil and will be non-sticky in Mumbai's disgusting heat. I also wanted a cream that would conceal the stubborn spots left behind by the pimples. Could this cream win over all my needs? Read further to know.

I loved the packaging. I've always been a fan of black coloured makeup products as I feel they look classy and so much wearable. The product comes in an extremely lightweight tube, which looks absolutely cool. The tube is pretty sturdy and the lid is somehow good-looking too.

The consistency is thinner than many CC creams and the product blends in the skin quickly. You won't feel like you've applied a cream on your face. The application is easy. Since the tube is lightweight, you can carry it around anywhere without feeling like you've added extra burden to your vanity.

It does not. I wanted a cream that would conceal spots, but this fails to do so. The spots won't be concealed, but you'll definitely get an even skin tone, which the product claims to do. 

The product does not leave extra oil after application. I'd travelled under sun in a hot afternoon, with other makeup on, and my face did not sweat. With my earlier CC cream, my face used to sweat a lot, and patting with a tissue was my only hope then. However, after applying this cream, I had to simply dab on more compact powder with a light touch of blush, and I was as good as when I'd left the home in the morning.
On top of this, it also has SPF 20, which means you don't need to apply an extra layer of sunscreen in case you hate it!

- Moisturizes
- Gives even skin tone
- Does not make face oily
- Has SPF 20
- Lightweight
- Stylish

- Does not conceal spots
- Feels more like a tinted moisturiser/sunscreen
- A bit pricey for what it does

If you're looking out to try different CC creams in order to find which is perfect for your skin, you should try this out too. This one's more for those with a good skin and an uneven skin tone. But for someone with spots, this one's not recommended. I won't go for this same product next, as I want to explore more options and find one that would be perfect for me.

WEIGHT: 35ml
PRICE: Rs.399
FROM: One of the beauty stores at Crawford Market, Mumbai

Which CC Cream do you use?

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