Fuss-Free Breakfast Ideas

by - June 20, 2016

As my college has started, I concentrate a lot on breakfast. A heavy breakfast is the only key to avoid canteen food, as I have to sustain the condition of full-stomach until the end of the lecture. What I do nowadays is simple: After waking up in the morning, I drink a mug of warm water, followed by either of the two breakfast items (I'll write them below). I have my breakfast at around 6:20. During lecture, I start sensing emptiness in my stomach by 10:00 or so. I control my hunger, and after the lecture ends at 10:30, I have my lunchbox (or canteen food, if I haven't carried a lunchbox) at 10:45. After this second meal of the day, I am able to go on until 2:00 or 3:00, that's usually when I reach home, of course, after passing some time in college. I have my lunch, which is a full meal consisting of poli (roti), koshimbir (salad), bhaji, amti (dal), and sometimes rice. 

Therefore, from my above mentioned schedule, you can see how important having a heavy breakfast is. I usually have these two breakfast items alternately:

1. Milk + Cornflakes/Muesli
2. Packaged Tomato Flavoured Oats

Whenever I feel like having something sweet, I go with the number 1 option, and when something spicy (or tangy), I go with number 2. In my cornflakes/muesli, I don't add sugar, as I feel it is an unnecessary ingredient. Currently, the muesli is over, so I'm just indulging on cornflakes. I make the cornflakes in a bowl and warm the milk for 1 minute in a microwave. 
I use the Saffola Masala Oats in the flavour Peppy Tomato (I guess) and it tastes brilliant. I make it with water in a microwave and I feel like I'm a baby who is being fed on semi-liquid food!

I wanted to share my two breakfast ideas, which are totally fuss-free, and so have actually written this post. However, here are some more breakfast ideas compiled together for you.

This one's when you want to pamper yourself with a sweet overdose. Grab a bowl, add 1/4th or 1/2 the bowl with cornflakes or muesli, pour in milk, filling the entire bowl, and microwave for a minute or half. Add in chopped fruits or pour chocolate sauce all over your breakfast. You can also add crushed dry fruits.

These are really tasty, especially if you go for the spicy or tangy options than the sweet ones. All you have to do is fetch a microwave-proof bowl, add in the packaged oats, pour water, and then, yes, microwave! You can grate some cheese on top of it, if you'd like some.

Simple yet a savoury dish. Spread some butter on both the sides of bread-slices and toast them on a pan. If you have a toast-maker, that's even better! You can pour some spicy sauce on top and sprinkle oregano or chilli flakes for an added flavour!

This is my favourite type of sandwich and indeed a delicious one. Take bread-slices, take cheese slices, spread spicy (or tomato) ketchup on one side of the bread slice, and make a sandwich! You can add vegetables if you want!

For milkshake, simply add all the world's fruits (and dry-fruits) in a blender with milk and try to make it as heavy and as healthy as possible. For smoothie, try different combinations and add in water and grind. You can also use vegetables!

By omelette I mean half-fry. On a pan, break open an egg and before it thickens, sprinkle some salt, oregano, and chilli flakes. Serve it with bread-slices.

This is how oldies breakfast in India, or well, at least my grandfather used to! He used to have tea with rotis from previous night. The combo sure tastes good!

Make a tumbler or a large mug full of coffee and have it with biscuits. You can try those nutritious biscuits that have wheat, oats, etc. in them. 

What are your fuss-free breakfast ideas?

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