Maybelline Diamond Glow 01 Eye Shadow Review

by - June 13, 2016

This post was in my drafts since long. I was procrastinating to write indirectly, but finally, here I am. When we were at Pune for the New Year's eve, my friend had had this palette. I fell in love seeing the colours and the design. Soon, I purchased it online from for Rs. 495 or so. This product is about to go off the stalls, I guess, so make sure to grab it (or not) reading my review.

Somehow, design and packaging of a product do make sense and are important. Sure the main stuff is the eyeshadow and not the box of it, but the design needs to be appealing to one's eye and should add to the vanity.
I loved the design and have not seen one like this before. The shape of the eyeshadow cakes is stunning, I feel. It's a small palette and hence easy to carry around in purse and would fit in your makeup pouch without a htich.

The shades are in nude plus copper brown to give that dramatic effect. This palette is enough to complete the eyeshadow part of the eye makeup. I've used this palette a million times while photoshoots.

- Smart and cute packaging
- Good colour combination
- Easy to use eyeshadow brush
- Brush comes with an applicator and a smudge sponge attached.

- Pricey
-Is going off the stalls

Buy it before it is discontinued from all the stores.


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