How It Started - Anniversary Special

by - September 13, 2015

Out of curiosity, I had created a blog. I didn't know what to post, so it was just hanging there.
In my First Year of BMM, our professor had asked us to create a blog and maintain it. I sure had opened a blog, but hadn't maintained. I continued the same blog for that assignment and named it ''.

I posted photos and two poems at the beginning. Again, the blog was hanging there, with no activity whatsoever.

Then, as I always had interest in stationary and other stuff, I used to keep on surfing the net. One day, while I was downloading girly wallpapers, I came across a site. I thought I would get more such wallpapers there, as the wallpaper I'd found was really good. That site was not any other site, but was a blog named The College Prepster.
I was so mesmerized by the content the blogger wrote, that I became too happy to have been discovered the blog.

I read few more articles, and realized how similar my thinking and likes were. I then knew I had to start a blog myself. Initially, I used Tumblr for blogging. I had kept the name of my blog as 'That Girl With Black Nail Polish'.

It was 15th of September 2013; I came back to my Blogger blog, and started thinking of a good name. I badly wanted the name 'Pink and Black' or 'Pink or Black', but sadly, both the names were already taken. Finally, I came onto 'The Pretty City Girl'.

I copy-pasted all the posts from my Tumblr blog to my newly renamed blog. (Perhaps, that's why you can see there were so many different font styles and font sizes used in 2013.)
I used a paper from one of the Vogue issues to wrap my notebook and then clicked it. It was the profile picture on my Facebook page and you can say, it was sort of a logo for my blog back then.

I struggled with the quality of images; but in the end, I'm happy with however TPCG looks like today. 

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