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by - September 20, 2015

Every time I post a snap about this, I get at least one question related to it. Girls ask about its availability, the shop I purchased it from, and many other questions.

I had purchased this from Watsons during my visit to China. I was happy with its price and it looked amazing!
I had first tried it before my flight back to India. I'd applied it, and after a sound sleep, my face was smooth, fair, and soft. I was too happy with the results.

Unfortunately, we don't get this in India. If you can afford, buy it from a foreign online store and ship it to India. 

I have packs in Papaya, Kiwi, and Strawberry; and out of these, Papaya is my favourite. 
The pack costs Rs. 150 only, and it contains eight masks inside. 

I apply it before an important function, event, or festival. It definitely brings a fairer skintone. Different masks have different specialty, though--Kiwi is for Revitalizing and Hydrating the skin; Strawberry is for Moisturizing and Whitening; and Papaya is for Purifying and Brightening.

Here are the three packs I purchased-

Somehow, Kiwi + Yogurt do not smell that good. The first time I had tried it, I was almost gonna keep it away. However, I still used it and the result was quite impressive. The black seeds of the Kiwi are real, and we can see them on our face!

Strawberry + Yogurt = Super Smooth Skin. The fragrance is undoubtedly delicious, and the result is outstanding too.

Nothing makes me feel super clean and super awesome like this one. I had tried it before others and was completely marveled!

I choose one out of these masks depending on what my skin needs at that particular time. If it's the winter season; I go for Strawberry, if I want to revitalize my skin as I might have recently recovered from an illness, I go for Kiwi; and if I am just back from a trip and need to purify my skin, I go with the Papaya one. So it basically depends on the need.

I usually scrub my face with a coffee scrub and then apply the mask. I had heard it from someone that such masks close the pores, and if I scrubbed and opened my pores before using a mask, that would be even more beneficial. 

Do you use any sort of face masks?

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