Thank You! - Anniversary Special

by - September 14, 2015

I'm so excited for tomorrow, as TPCG turns two! This post is especially dedicated to all those who made an impact on me and on TPCG, largely. I want to thank you all in person, especially some sweet people I've mentioned below. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to--

Firstly, I would like to thank my loyal patrons, who read my blog religiously. I would really want to know who read each post and why. I am fortunate to have you guys. Keep on showering such love and keep on reading TPCG.

Those people who do read my blog, but not religiously or regularly. You read posts if that topic interests you. I really want to know which topics you like the most and why. Also, I'm glad you read my blog especially for some type of posts!

Likers on Facebook
There are certain people who like TPCG's posts across different social media platforms. I would like to say a thank you, as you guys make me feel like a star there!

There are again certain people, who read and COMMENT on blog or on social media. Thank you very much for coming forward and bringing doubts and pieces of appreciation.

Thanks to that chunk of people who are in awe after knowing for how long I've blogged. Also, for those who ask me to keep up the good work or say they're proud of me. I really need you, as you're my biggest moral support.

Though my family hasn't helped me that much, I'm thankful to them as they postpone the deadline of 11 o' clock, every night, and let me finish writing the post!

Best Friends
I would specially like to thank Pournami Jois and Rutuja Nagwekar, as they've been a big moral support and ready to cheer me up any time!

Haters and Critics
Thank you to my critics and haters; you made me realize my mistakes, and how I should continue doing what I'm doing!

Lots of Love,

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