Avon Earring Gift Sets

by - September 19, 2015

Oh my God! You have no idea how happy I was to receive this pretty gift. My cousin aunt gifted a earring set to me and my younger sister, and we both absolutely love our gifts.

There are two sets.

Talking about my set-

It has an extremely cute box.

 The pink flower can be used with any earring stud.

I loved all the studs and I can't wait to use them. I just checked the price of this set, and it is Rs. 699!

This set belongs to my sister. I did not like the box as it is too basic.

Instead of those big pearls, there was a pair of golden semi circle inside. As during the shoot, my aunt was wearing it, we thought of replacing those semi circle earrings with this one.

Similar to my pink flower, we can use the silver flower with different studs too.

I really liked the idea of removing these flowers and using it with any stud! I give it 8/10, thus cutting 2 points for its price.

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