How It Stands After Two Years

by - September 16, 2015

Hi! I have compiled all the statistical data related to TPCG. Here's a look at how it stands on 15/09/2015-

 Followers on TPCG
36 people are following TPCG as a blog using Google connect.

Google+ Followers
Too many people are following me on Google+. 

Facebook Likes
My Facebook page has started to get more likes and views, so I am happy.

Number of Posts
This is the number of posts published. There are 7 more in drafts!

This is the number from the day I started my blog to 15th, excluding my own blog views.

Instagram Followers
The only reason of getting more followers recently is Koovs. I had followed fellow Koovs interns, and few of them followed me back.

Pinterest Followers
I don't use Pinterest on a wide scale to promote TPCG. But whatever number of followers I have, I am pretty satisfied.

Twitter Followers
I've used Twitter to tweet about one line jokes or daily happenings, which I think people would relate. There's hardly anything related to blogging.

Thank you so much for helping me to achieve these numbers. Lots of Love!

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