Just Like One Of Those Days

by - September 26, 2015

I'm feeling too calm right now. Today seemed like just one of those days.
Internship has kept me so busy and unsocial, that it is so hard to relax and meetup with friends.

Today, skipping the first lecture, I went to college to attend the remaining two lectures. I reached there and realized the second lecture was a guest lecture in the auditorium and the third was cancelled. Therefore, going to college was totally fruitless.

However, something happened that did not make me regret going college--the fun we had. Since more than a month, I've been going to office after college. I hardly had some food in the canteen and forcefully 'rushed' to the station with my friends who actually had to rush to office. I'm in no hurry as I always reach on time. But my friends are; and so, as I get company, I go along with them too.

As Saturdays are off, I could afford to spend some more time in college today. We had crazy amount of fun. In our college, there's this Activity Room. There is a table for table tennis and around four carom boards, out of which, two are played on, and two are just lying upright in a corner. All my classmates go to this room to play, right after the lectures.
Today, I was with them. After so many days, I enjoyed so very much.

When we entered the Activity Room, we saw our classmates sitting on the floor and totally chilling. We also joined them. Later, just randomly, somebody said we should play Antaksharee. I was so happy and I readily agreed. I'm one of those over-enthusiastic people who play Antaksharee. I initiate the songs, I sing loudly, and I almost lose my voice in this process. Therefore, I readily agreed, and thus the first song, without any doubt, was 'Maiya Yashoda' from the movie 'Hum Saath Saath Hai'.

We played this game continuously for 2 and half hours, and in the end, our throat was sore. We finally left the college at 3:00 PM, totally satisfied and happy. All the three of us who comparatively left early, are working/were working. Even they were happy to have enjoyed after three long months of their internships.

After coming home, I had tea with my parents, and then, went to the station to give my notes to a junior. After coming back home, I scheduled October month in my agenda. I wrote a Thank You note to the MD of Seduction Las Vegas for organizing the giveaway with me. Everything was so serene. Maybe it is the fact that my PC is down and so I wasn't sitting in front of it, as I do always. But whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoyed writing in total peace.

Then, I had food with my parents, in the living room, watching Leicester vs Arsenal, and talking in between. Trust me; those few dialogues we exchanged were so heart warming, I felt really happy.

And now, I'm writing the blog, surprisingly comfortable and in a laid back position. I'm loving how today has turned out to be.


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