The Unexpected Meets

by - September 03, 2015


Railways are fun to travel; you never know when you meet a school friend or that girl in your tutorials. It's fun to catch up, talk to them, know about their current happenings, and most importantly, discuss about how far we've gone in our lives.

The old grudges, the old issues, or the old friendships turn into a sweet, awkward conversation. We wonder how much our lives have changed, and think about the change in that person. In those awkward silences, we think about how good or bad our relation with that person was, and how nothing is the way, it was, any longer.

I have met three such friends in the past one-week--and all of them in the local trains.

Another unexpected meet is the entry of a new person in your life. I was highly missing on a person I could count on in my office. But a new employee has joined in and she happens to be in my team. I am so thankful to God to send me such a sweet colleague. I was in need of a friend at my workplace, and I finally got one.

Today, I was with her the whole time. We even had lunch and coffee together, and I was glad to have her.

From tomorrow onward, I don't have to worry about eating lunch alone, as I know she'll be there for me, and of course, I will be there for her.

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