Learning Something New, Every Day

by - September 02, 2015


Lately, the more hardships I have to undergo, the happier I become. The simple reason is that I get to learn something new, explore a new path, or do something I've never done before.

If I'm accompanied by a friend to the railway station, chances are, she shows me a new route to reach the station. She might tell me a bus route that goes to the station or a place where we get share-cabs. Whatever new she would tell me, I would undoubtedly grasp it, and enhance my knowledge.
I always keep my ears open and is ready for getting some new information.

Whenever I have to do something different from the usual routine thing, I am happy as I discover a new way to do it. 
Today, I went all the way from the railway station nearest to my office to CST, and from there back to my home station. And you know what? I was still smiling at the end of the day. 

Earlier, going alone anywhere was a big deal; but now, I give interviews alone, I travel alone, and still I know I get stronger with each passing day.

As I have to travel alone, I now know the station names and their sequences. I can mentally calculate which station is to arrive and when my destination would come. Earlier, I used to try looking at which station the train has arrived, but now, I just have to look at it to know which station it is.

Though things get more complicated, I believe I am always learning something new; I feel good that I discovered something new. I then smile like an idiot thinking how simple the new discovered way was, and that I was afraid without any apparent reason.

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