So Many Things

by - September 28, 2015

I'm handling so many things simultaneously that I feel like the stress will burst out together one day. I'm doing so many things, I just want a long vacation. Thankfully, the Industrial Visit is coming soon, and I'm looking forward to relieve all the stress.

But for using IV as a stress-reliever, I must pack my bag. Sure, I have made a list of things to pack, but that's not enough. I don't have good clothes. I wanted to wear fresh clothes for IV; but my mom is too pissed at me for shopping without any solid reason. If I buy new clothes, she will be even more pissed at me. I have ordered a dark blue coloured trousers from and a pair of skinny t-shirt from, and I'm eagerly waiting for their delivery. (I'm hoping that it comes before my IV, so that I would have at least one pair of fresh, new clothes.)
I also have to buy essentials like shampoo sachets, wet wipes, snacks, etc. I am going to ask my dad to bring the needful, but for that, I should have time to sit down and make a list of 'Things to Buy'. Just two days are left and I haven't packed my bag. All the three years of my graduation, I would begin packing a month early; crazy, I know! And this time, just two days to go. I'm so stressed about the same. I come home at 9:00 pm, and packing bag after that becomes a bit difficult.

I can't even take a leave from office and pack the bag, as I have already taken so many holidays that I'm willing to even work over time for the remaining two days. I had taken two days off for Ganpati, then one day off because I was not well, and now again from 1st to 8th October, I will have to take a leave due to my IV. I'm feeling so guilty and bad.

I have missed quite a few lectures at college, and so I'm fearing I should not default and come under the Defaulters' List. Though I haven't even bunked once this semester, I don't want my parents to be called for a bad reason. I still might take off, as it is understandable.

On top of all this, there is my blog. My PC is down and so I have to work on my laptop, which is not really bad. But working on laptop is anytime of lesser convenience than working on PC. And then there's Koovs virtual, weekly internship. Though I work on it only on Sundays, I still stress about it throughout the week.

Due to all this, I can't meet my best friends even on their birthdays, and it is hard to explain them. They just feel like I'm selfish and can't even bunk office for a day. I wish they understood what I'm currently going through and forgive me. It's all becoming a big stress ball now.

Signing out; bye, bye!

P.S. I might not write here till 8th October, 2015. However, be in touch with me via Snapchat (@dprettycitygirl) and Twitter (@dprettycitygirl).

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