Things that I Loved throughout // October

by - November 04, 2014

Yesterday, finally, I got done with my exams. I was so relieved and so happy. I had decided to write a post, but then eventually, I even decided to cook dinner. My brother was hungry, and I didn't want my mom to cook as I wanted to give her a rest. I cooked Schezwan Noodles, and they were not really that yummy. Maybe I am not yet comfortable with the noodles part. I make super-delicious Schezwan Rice, but I don't know what went wrong while making noodles.

Anyway, I might switch the timing of writing blog from the evening to any time in the noon. I want to help my mom, and blogging always keeps me busy in the evening/night. (But I'm not in best of moods to write in afternoon as well.) Let's see.

Aha! So what are my October favourites?

I don't know why but I loved this post. Though I had a very tough exam the next day, I still managed to edit this picture, which was a really tough task. I am thinking of doing more such posts. Let me know if you like such posts.

Being a blogger and writing answers is a very easy job. I realized it few days back when I was giving my finals.

Tips for Exams and Studying
Oh my, my. I got so many tips for exam and studying this semester. 
Tips While Solving Question Paper
Checklist for Exam
Tips for Finals

The Glitter Frame
This was my first experience with glittering. I had watched it on TV as a kid, and I somehow just recollected it. Towards the end, I was so happy for being successful at it.

 Diwali and Dressing Up
Not just the first day of Diwali, but all the days and all the decoration, lights, colours...everything was amazing.
Narak Chaturdashi
Diwali and Missing my Family
Diwali Shopping
Diwali Themes for your Browser
Floating Candles
Diwali & Exams
Things You'll Find in Indian Homes in Diwali

 Having frames on my room's wall is just bliss. I had picture frames in my room, but having frames on the wall just gives the room a better look.

What were your October favorites?

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