October 2014 Fab Bag Review

by - November 07, 2014

The Fab Bag parcel of October 2014 got delivered on November 2nd. I had ordered it before 20th, and was expecting it before 22nd. Usually the online shopping parcels get delivered in three to four days, but mine got delivered after 10 days, which was really sad. And moreover, when girls ask the Fab Bag guys about the delivery, they don't even reply. I guess they should keep a check on this, and reply often.

Anyway, a bit late, but my review on the Fab Bag October 2014 edition-

The parcel came on 2nd November, right before my IRJ paper. I don't know why, but I wasn't excited as it took so many days for the delivery.

There were two colours in the bag--electric blue and grey/white. I am happy that I got grey/white; rather I would have been happy even after getting an electric blue bag.

This was the first look after opening the box.

I took out the stuff from the bag.

The Nature's Co. Coffee Face Scrub
When I'd opened this scrub, I had not liked the smell of it. Actually, my nose is super-strong, and having such unique combination fragrances can be a turn-off or maybe even a turn-on to me.
I tried this scrub just before writing this post.

While applying, the smell of it was like an amazing warm chocolate aroma. So there is no need to freak out if you got coffee scrub. While applying, unlike other scrubs, this was smooth to apply. It also was moisturizing, which means it is good for winter-care. I did feel a bit cleansed out after washing it. 

SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream
This was the only product that I did not want. As my skin is oily-ish, and on top of that the Mumbai's humid climate, CC Creams are a big no-no for me. And I don't think I need them. I am thinking of giving it to a friend who maybe will use it.

If you are a CC Cream user, then this would be a good product for ya!

Acuvue Free Contact Lenses
Though I have glasses, I don't wear lenses. I entered my brother's eye details, and now he will use this pair of free contacts. 

Just Herbs 6 Steps for Perfect Skin
I loved these tiny bottles. Above are the six products for the steps. All of the products are amazing and it feels good to apply them on the skin. It feels as if these products would really do something great and magical on the skin.

Ratings from TPCG-
Result- 4/5
Fragrance- 3.5/5
Application- 4/5
Satisfaction- 4/5
Packing- 3/5
Total- 4/5

Have you purchased a Fab Bag yet? What products did you get in your October bag?

P.S. For more details on the products, ask me via any of the social media platforms or e-mail me at rutujabhagwat10@gmail.com or rutucute@gmail.com.

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