Short Tip #12 Silky Hair

by - November 28, 2014

Oh my God. I've been seeing almost 95% of the ladies having rough hair lately. Standing in the local train, waiting for the station to arrive, I have no other task to do except check out women's hair. To my surprise, almost every woman had rough hair, mostly rough ends. I am waiting to write a post on this for a long, long time.

The best way to have smooth and silky hair in winter is only one thing--conditioner. You can either use the regular conditioner, deep condition, apply serum, or any mousse. But it is very essential. You have to apply conditioner to your mane in order to regain the lost moisture.

Apply moisturizer to the length of your hair, starting from the hair strands below your ear line. Also, don't forget to apply more at the tips, as they are the most dried part of your hair. If they still appear to look dry even after you condition and wash your hair, you need to chop them. Perhaps, you have not visited the salon for a long time.

Even if you have oily scalp like me, conditioners work wonders for such scalp types. So do not hesitate, go and buy a sachet, try it, and then tell me the difference.

Till then, goodnight and happy winter!

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