Navneet 6 Subject Notebook

by - November 17, 2014

Today in college, while I was sitting with my classmates, before the viva, even my Advertising class's best friend had joined us till the examiner came. That time she showed me her six subject notebook, and I was in awe.

Isn't it amazing? Firstly, more than the legends, I loved the cartoons. I loved how all the legendary people have been drawn into cartoons, which are amazingly cute.

Also, the colours inside are fun.

This is the back side. The back side reveals all the people. Also, if you can see, my best friend has stuck silver tape to the borders!

On the inside front cover and inside back cover, they have given a brief information about the persons.

And how amazing are the dividers?!

The book has 300 pages and costs just Rs. 110. It's a good deal. If you really respect these people, and also like funny cartoons, I recommend you to buy it. You get inspiration and bright colours at just Rs. 110.

Which books are you using this semester?

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