An Evening all by Myself

by - November 25, 2014

I don't believe that I'm writing here after three days. Two days back, I was not in the mood to write. I did not have a perfect topic to write on, so I thought of skipping that day. Day before yesterday, I had been to Pune and returned back on the same day, I couldn't write. I got home at 10:00 at night, so obviously I could not write. And yesterday, I had been to Indian Merchants' Chamber, Churchgate, to attend a seminar by Hindustan Samachar. It was about the Jammu and Kashmir issue, and the speaker was Arun Kumar. After the seminar, I reached home at 10:15, which was really shocking. You know I don't stay out of home for so late. The seminar was informational and the dinner that followed it was crazily yummy!

Today I had made it a point--come what may, I will write TPCG. That's when I thought of devoting an entire evening to myself.

I started off by cleaning my bed, which was sort of messy, as two days I had been out, and so I was just transferring the stuff from chair to bed, and then back to chair from the bed. I cleaned it thoroughly (except the PC table). I sat down to complete two days' notes that were pending as I had taken leave due to sickness on the 20th and 21st of this month. The notes are plenty, and few of the subjects' notes are yet to be completed!

After that, my brother asked me to make coffee, which I refused. He made it himself. In a while, he asked for maggi and I made it, because I was equally hungry. But while the maggi was boiling in the oven, the doorbell rang, and it was my mom! She had gone down to buy veggies, fruits, and grocery. She scolded me to make maggi so late, as it was around 7:00, and the dinner would soon be prepared. But I explained her how hungry we were.

And then the process of book completion was on. Later my mom taught me how to put idli mixture into the idli mould cooker. It is simple, but needs patience.

Finally, as the second lot of idlis are in the cooker, I am writing this post. I am happy that today I rejected doing anything other than the tasks assigned to myself.

You should really take some time off for yourself. You can simply do anything--visit a salon and groom yourself (your eyebrows are worsening and you need to hit that salon!), read a book, listen to relaxing music (you can listen it on YouTube), play with your pets (they're dying for your love), play (or fight) with your siblings, write a diary, sing aloud, cook (or bake), treat yourself a delicious chocolate pastry, or just lie down and close your eyes.

You need to give some time to yourself...

Do you devote a day to yourself? What do you do?

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