Goals-To-Achieve List // November

by - November 05, 2014

Hey there! I was busy since morning. At 8:00, I had a viva-preparatory lecture; after that we had to fill university form for Semester VI, and then I waited till 2:15 for my friend who had his exam-center in my college. I showed him his classroom and went home. I reached at 3:30.

After that, I went at a building lady's house to teach her daughter Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. I had to put background to the slides. But as an addition, I corrected the grammar, the spelling mistakes, font colours, font size, font style, and added few pictures. Tomorrow there's an event of Tulshi Vivah coming up in my society. I discussed all that with the lady, and I'm out since then. (All the things I will explain in day after tomorrow's post. Stay tuned, yeah?)

It is 11:00 after the hectic day. What are the goals?

1. Helping Mom | I feel so sad to see my mom toil so hard every moment. I wish I was like one of those girls who help their moms in cooking, laundry, washing, bringing grocery, etc. I feel guilty, but then I don't get time. I have no idea what I do, but whenever my mom asks me to help her, I must be busy in some work or the other. It is so annoying. Sometimes I cry in the night looking at my mom.
So November is going to be all about helping mom in some way or the other.

2. Maintaining the Purple-Violet Theme on Instagram | I'm starting a new fun on my blog's Instagram account. Every month will depict a colour/colours, and I will post accordingly. For example, this November, I will post everything in Purple, Lavender, and Violet colours. Just imagine how the profile would look like on the 30th of the month!

3. Continue Maintaining the Expenses | You guys! I actually write down my expenses. I actually wrote down all the expenses of October in a fancy, pretty notebook! I am not the girl who could be so patient and active to jot down her expenses every day. And you know what? I have written a Rs. 5 auto-rickshaw drive to Rs. 650 and more. Every little expense that I have incurred goes in my notebook! I am so happy to finally been able to solve the mystery behind empty pockets in the fourth week of every month; most of my pocket money is spent on auto-rickshaw drives!!
So this month too, I have written down the expenses till today. I hopefully will be able to continue this thing.

4. Checking off all the Items from the November To-Do | Oh my God! I have so many things to be done in November. I don't mean the regular deodorants or grocery trips, but the real, amazing to-dos. I have a few things coming up, and I want to be checking off each and every item on the list.

5. Driving Classes | Umm, hey! I am joining driving classes in this month, and hopefully I pass the test, and I drive my car! I am thrilled.

6. Being Punctual in Semester VI | Remember the Being Clumsy post? I don't want to repeat that me again in the next semester. So I will make sure I get up on time and reach lectures on time. (And it is slowly getting colder, which means, winter is almost here. I love winters and I love 7 o' clock lectures in winters. Perfect much?)

7. VIVA!! | How could I think of it so late? I am so scared of the viva. There are 75 marks for viva and, and I am scared.

8. Carrying Agenda and Pencil Pouch to College | I have to carry my agenda and pencil case, no matter what! It is frustrating to remember things.

What are your November goals?

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