Studying on my PC + How to Organize the Table while Studying

by - November 01, 2014

Today's exam was pretty boring and I am not really happy with the way I've written the answers. I had made notes of 38 pages for this subject. I am really pissed. Now just one paper is left, which is on Monday, and then I am free. 

So yesterday, I studied on my computer, which was totally shocking. You would find me lying down with my tab, and scribbling notes on a page. But sitting upright in front of the computer for the whole day yesterday was seriously a challenge!

Apart from showing you photos of the way I studied, I will also give tips along.

How to organize the table while referring notes on the PC and also writing them down simultaneously?

1 | Syllabus/Portion
Write the syllabus or portion for exam on a different book than your notes. You can even write it on a sheet of paper. Keep this syllabus aside and also tick the answers that you do simultaneously. This will help you to look at the portion easily, and you would know how much is yet to be done. It acts like a brief summary for your happiness in the end. 

2 | Cellphone
Keep your cellphone away, mostly in an upside down position. However, do not keep it too away. You need the cellphone for asking friends about the portion, doubts, answers, etc. If you keep it too away, then you'd probably skip asking them doubts, and then would forget to study that answer.

3 | Index Cards
Keep index cards near you. You have no idea when you would need them!

4 | Notes
Keep your notes in the keyboard drawer and use the drawer like a desk.

5 | Mouse
Keep the mouse towards your left. You will require it to scroll down the notes on the PC.

6 | Keyboard
Keep the keyboard away as you would hardly need it. For those having a wired keyboard, try to keep it at the farthest end of the keyboard drawer.

7 | Highlighters and Extras
Keep highlighters and other fun pens on the desk. See to it that you keep only those things that you would need. E.g., I have kept highlighters, one fine liner, an elastic, a u-pin, and a pen to swap in between.

8 | Fonts on PC
Keep the fonts as large as you can. And see to it that all the words fit on the desktop. This is the most important tip. If you keep the font large, you won't feel like you've been sitting on the PC for the whole day. It really works!

Have you studied on PC? How did your table looked like?

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