Celebrities I'm Following on Instagram {List 1}

by - November 15, 2014

Right from Hollywood, Sports Players to Bollywood stars...this is a list of celebs I'm following on Instagram.
I don't necessarily like all these celebs. I follow them for different purposes--few of them for their style, few for their selection of photos, few because they're really hot, and remaining few because I really like them.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio | Model | alessandraambrosio

2. Rhea Kapoor | Producer | rheakapoor

3. Neha Dhupia | Bollywood Actress | nehadhupia

4. Izabelle Leite | Model, Bollywood Actress | xoizaleite

5. Rohit Sharma | Cricketer | rohitsharma45

6. Jennifer Kotwal | TV, Bollywood Actress | jenniferkotwal

7. Lucas Podolski | Footballer | poldi_official

8. Aaron Ramsey | Footballer | aaronramsey

I have started following many of these celebs just today. So I might unfollow them if I dislike their photo selection. Therefore, this is the list as dated on 14.11.2014, and it might change any day.

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