Microsoft OneNote 2013

by - November 21, 2014

I feel blessed to have Microsoft OneNote in my life. My life is sorted due to it. We can sync OneNote on any device like Windows PCs, Mac PCs, Tablets, Windows Phones, iPhones and on Android phones. For example, all the stuff I write in OneNote gets synced, and I can find that stuff in my PC, my tab, my cellphone, and also on the online OneDrive (Microsoft's cloud service) in a web version. And the best part is that we can even figure out from which device we have added stuff. (I'll show this to you in today's post.)

I seriously suggest you to download this amazing app.

I have OneNote 2013 on my tab. 2013 is much better than 2010.

This is how the screen looks like after opening OneNote on my tab.

In the ribbon above, you will find some colourful options.

These are the regular menu buttons.

I really love these tabs! I love their colours more. I have made tabs for Blog, Turtles, Books-Movies-Music, Passwords, Life, Shopping, Style, Travel, Recipes (Health), To do, Education, and Miscellaneous. I have tried connecting the tabs with the colours; for example, for Turtles, I have used Green, for Life, I have used Pink, for To do, I have used Yellow, and so on. We also have the option to change the colour of the tab, add a new tab, and also rename the tab, or delete the tab.

Another interesting and useful thing is the password protection. You can protect a tab too!

We can also search through all the pages, notebooks, and tabs.

And guess what? You can even add more notebooks. You can change their colour, and also rename them. Fun, yeah?

Every tab has pages. You can put as many pages as you like.

These are the tags. You can put any of these for special notes. I really love these tags! Plus, you can also add or make new tags and give them icons.

We can also set templates for the page. We can add colour to the page...

...or also put different themes or to-dos and planner pages.

This is the template for a Business Meeting. There are many such fun templates.

We can also add screen shots directly from this option.

You can even expand the page into a full screen. And you will get options to choose any page (shown in the above picture).

The Draw menu has some fun options. As this is a tablet, it is amazing to draw or doodle.

After you sync on a different device, you will get that particular tab in bold letters. We need to check for the changes, right-click on the tab, and select 'Mark as Read' in order to undo the bold effect.

Also, you get such initials indicating from which device the stuff has been added. It is a great way to know who has changed what.

Apart from the things above, you can even share notebooks, or save them offline.

Are you using OneNote yet?

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