How to Make Computer Studying Easy

by - November 11, 2014

Remember the post on studying on computer and taking notes simultaneously? This post is an expansion of that.

Yes, you have guessed it right--highlighting! We all knew about the highlighter in MS Word, but I don't think we used it that often. But hey, start using it henceforth.

Reading on computer and highlighting makes studying very easy. And even the process of highlighting is a piece of cake. I simply loved highlighting while reading notes on MS Word, and it really is beneficial, guys. It is as if we are underlining important words and sentences on a paper.

For those who don't know where the highlighter is, it is right there! These are all the colours available as option; but I guess no colour is better than yellow for highlighting. This is MS Word 2010, I'm sure 2013 has more options than 2010.

Do you highlight on MS Word? Has highlighting helped you?

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