The Vijaydurg Fort – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 2

by - September 13, 2017

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After reaching our Devgad lodge at 10:00 pm the previous night, we had decided to cut everything off until late the next day. After a good night sleep, we woke up around 9:00 am. The cold water was perfect to prepare us for the sunny weather outside. I changed into a travel-cordial attire and tied my hair up; it was presumed to be a gleeful day!

We left our hotel to begin our travel; our first mission was to look for a favourable hotel for breakfast. We were hoping to get a plate of spicy, hot misal and we found a cosy, little eatery, which looked promising. Pleased with the local taste of the misal, our next halt was Vijaydurg Fort.

This historic beauty is around 45 minutes away from Devgad. After crossing the green patches of land and lush caves made out of trees, we neared the fort. We could feel the vibes –– ancient fortification, the moss mightily declaring its place, and the historically soothing air. We were certainly approaching the fort...

As we neared, we saw a lot of eateries and hash-houses along the route. We narrowed down to the entrance of the fort and the neighbouring area looked shabby with wrappers and bottles thrown around. We entered through the first door, and my immediate inward reaction was not something you would want to hear. I had assumed the fort to be diminutive and so I was a little disappointed! However, when we walked further, the reality was totally contrary.

We realized that the fort was spread across a large portion of land. The fort looked gigantic as the waves kissed its legs; what a dreamy place to click pictures! Abundant light, nature's favourite colours, and a vast space to pose! 

TIP: If Vijaydurg Fort is on your itinerary, then a camera, a bottle of water, and some sun protection are highly recommended. (BONUS: You're bound to have many pictures here, so wear good clothes!)

After about hundreds of photographs and more number of poses, we were dying of dehydration. Unfortunately, there was no water and hence the mention of carrying a bottle above. The only reason why we were breathing was the incredible scenery around us.

Finally, we made it to the entrance and our watch showed 3:00 pm. We were hungry, tired, and thirsty, and a restaurant offering a full meal was what we needed. We hopped down the last step of the fort and reached a small eatery named Hotel Mayuri. By the looks of it, the place looked hopeful.

A must-visit spot, Hotel Mayuri is a heaven for Maharashtrian food fanatics. I ordered a Special Veg Thali and oh God! It was ambrosial! Two chapatis served with three bowls of sabzis, a bowl of dal, ussal, amras, and basundi. Food enhancers alongside were pickle, papad, and garlic chutney. To finish off, there was sol kadhi and rice. On top of so many items on the plate already, the sabzis were unlimited! And, you get to devour all this for Rs. 130 only.

My gut was overwhelmed due to the scrumptious food and I needed a bed. But, this day was meant for exploring and an hour of rest equalled to an hour of lost opportunities. We managed to travel back to Devgad, which was 45 minutes away. The Devgad Fort was our next destination, but when we reached its gate, we saw that the entry to the fort was closed.

TIP: The gates to Devgad Fort close around 5:00 pm; so if you're planning to visit it, do it in the morning.

Saddened, we started back for our lodge. On our way, we saw a beach and we googled out to learn that it was Devgad Beach. This piece of sand was untidy and was occupied by locals, vessels, and fisherfolks. 

TIP: Do not even think of fancying the Devgad Beach; it's untidy and not worth it at all.

We sat on the narrow lane that overlooked the beach below; we thought we had nowhere else to go, however, we still had the Wax Museum to visit. 
We went to our rooms and changed into nightwear; it was time for dinner! We ordered dal tadka and jeera rice from the Hotel Diamond's restaurant, and oh my! I still remember the delicious taste. This combination is recommended if ever you stay at this lodge.

We went out to explore some more eateries and we had one of the best sev batata puris at a stall. Satisfied, we then went back to our rooms for a nice, peaceful slumber.

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Room - Rs. 425 (non AC)
Petrol - Rs. 160
Breakfast - Rs. 50
Lunch - Rs. 130
Dinner - Rs. 85
Chaat - Rs. 25

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