From Kunkeshwar to Calangute – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 3

by - September 14, 2017

Today we were to leave for Goa. I was excited because the last time I was in the Party Capital was back in 2007 and that too with my family. Goa with family and Goa with friends are two different notions altogether. 

For waking up on the third day of the trip, we had to set an alarm. We left for Goa at 8:30 am but before we left, we asked the hotel caretaker the route to reach Malvan. He gave us a way that would cut down almost 1 hour of the journey. 

We started off and when we reached this route, we were marvelled! Towards our right, there was a beautiful, clean beach, the beach of Taramumbari. A must-visit spot if ever you cross this route. Not a single soul on the sand! All we could see was bright blue paint spread across the sky and the water. What a lovely sight! Without a doubt, we stepped down and clicked few gorgeous shots. We were grateful for the caretaker who suggested this route. We were bursting with joy not because of the short-cut but because of the smooth road and the breathtaking view besides. 

After passing this beauty, we came across Kunkeshwar temple. Though we didn't visit it, we had a breakfast at Hotel Raj Aswad. If you ever plan on visiting this temple, this eatery is a must try! We ordered misal, their 'special' tea, and kat wada for trials. The food was delicious and we were grateful for such a perfect start to the day – the short cut, the exquisite beach, followed by scrumptious breakfast. 

TIP: If you're seeking tranquillity of mind, come to Devgad and stay at the MTDC resort that overlooks the Taramumbari beach. 

We started further for Malvan. We were enthusiastic after discovering the Taramumbari beach and this little discovery ignited the wanderlust in us. We took another route – a route that almost led to a puncture in our tyres. We passed through a forest area and I spotted a monitor lizard rushing into the bushes! I was just hoping no creepy animal attacks us.

Amidst the forest, we found two houses and a temple. We asked the locals for directions to Achara and then the wanderlust switch was shut back off. We started nearing Goa and the first Goan hotel we stopped at was Hotel Blue Sea View. Overlooking the scenic Arambol beach from a distance, the diner is one of the recommended places to stop by. Though the service was sluggish, the food was palatable. It was around 2:00 pm when we were lunching here and then shortly thereafter, we started driving towards Calangute. 

We were to spend a night in Calangute as our first night in Goa. Crowded by a sea of locals, tourists, and foreigners, this place is an ideal happening spot in Goa. According to our itinerary, we were to book a hotel after reaching this place. So we were without any shelter and were hunting down decent places to live.

All of us couldn't practically go everywhere, so while we waited at Calangute's McDonald's, the others looked for a haven. Meanwhile, I wrote down the expenses for the day and calculated the total until this day. I was glad to know that I was living on a budget. We eventually got an apartment at around 6:00 pm. Named as Roy & Ron Holiday Home, this looked like a shady dwelling. If you're a bunch of people who love staying at a clean and nice hotel, then this place is a straightaway no. 
We got this apartment (with an AC room and a refrigerator) for Rs. 800 a night. The deal seemed decent but the place didn't. The bed sheet was old and the blanket looked like it was a home to a million bedbugs. Thankfully my bed partner had carried two bedspreads. We laid one on the bed and had used the other as a blanket. 

TIP: If on a trip you're planning to stay at cheap hotels, always carry two sheets with you – one as a bedspread and one as a blanket!

We knew the daytime was wasted so the only way to illuminate the remaining part was to make the night happening. We went to the Calangute beach and walked along the beach. It was around 8:00 pm, but since we were at Calangute, it was full of people. We dined at the Rose Roy Royal beach shack that was lit with candles. Such a romantic way to dine! We ordered Veg Crispy and whole meals, and though I downed a fancy-looking Fruit Punch, others were wasting themselves on beer. 

After shopping, we went back to our rooms. From Kunkeshwar to Calangute, boy! It was a memorable day!

Devgad – Taramumbari – Kunkeshwar – Achara – Malvan – Vengurla – Arambol – Calangute

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Breakfast - Rs. 78
Soft Drink - Rs. 12
Lunch - Rs. 75
McDonald's - Rs. 39
Room - Rs. 400
Dinner - Rs. 400

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