Paradise on Earth – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 4

by - September 17, 2017

We rose up at 8:30 am and had to quickly decide whether to stay in the current apartment or move to a different shelter in North Goa or better yet, stay in South Goa. According to our itinerary, we were to stay somewhere southwards.

The clock was ticking and before it was 10:30 am, we had to pack and check out or else, according to the rules, we were to pay a 100 extra per hour. We booked a beautiful hotel a little away from the southland's Colva Beach. We booked for one night and then satisfied with the decision, hurriedly started getting ready. 

We checked out at 10:45 am, but thankfully the management did not charge extra. Off we went to South Goa. The distance between Calangute and Colva is around an hour. The weather was horribly sunny and my clothes were short. Somehow we managed to reach Colva.

Looking at our hotel pictures while booking, we were eager to see it in actuality. After reaching our hotel – Hotel Amigo Plaza – we got pleasingly comfortable. Such a warm little place with plush bedrooms! We were relieved after coming here; it was like experiencing the "from rags to riches" for real.

Source: Cleartrip

Source: Cleatrip

The first thing we did after entering our room was blowing the AC at 18 degrees. After resting for some time, it was beach and brunch time! We hadn't had breakfast and were starving! I changed into a sheer white top paired with cutesy floral shorts. We were going to the beach!

TIP: If ever you come down to Colva Beach and want to relax on an uninhabited stretch of sand, then take the narrow lane opposite to Amigo Plaza, which goes straight to the beach. 

Owing to the hotel manager, we were delighted to take this short-cut! The beach was a paradise on earth and I swear, I have never been to a more exquisite seaside before. Clean sand, aqua blue spread around, a stylish shack, and good company – this was the finest afternoon in the full trip.

We brunched in a beach shack, Boomerang Bar and Restaurant, which no doubt, is a must-visit place. Overlooking the scenic landscape and comfortably devouring some really tasty food, we spent our entire noon here. The Finger Chips, the Maaza, the Cheese Sticks, and the Indian yummies Paneer Butter Masala with Garlic Naan was heavenly! I just can't emphasize on how astounding this place is! A perfect diner to spend a tranquil time – it's as if you go to a different state of mind here.

We stayed here until 4:00 pm as dipping inside was not an option. We went back to our rooms for a swim in the hotel's pool. We were a little disappointed as the swimming pool was not well maintained. After a refreshing shower, we changed into dry clothes.

After the sun shone mildly, we went back to the beach. Sadly, due to the season, we were prohibited from swimming. We just dipped our legs, clicked few pictures, and went back to the rooms. It was time for dinner and since we'd spent a lot on the brunch, we decided to go a little pocket-friendly this night.

We searched for places near the main entrance to the beach. We got an eatery named Pasta Hut, where we had Egg Schewzan Hakka Noodles. The dish was palatable but nothing too noteworthy. Our guts still being empty, we went for a cheaper alternative. The next restaurant we dined at was an Udupi restaurant. 

After a flawless day, we went back to our rooms for a sweet slumber. But before that, impressed with the hotel, we extended our stay for another night.

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Room - Rs. 400 (AC room)
Brunch - Rs. 425
Dinner - Rs. 150
Total - Rs. 975

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