Last Day in Goa – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 8

by - September 26, 2017

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Today was the last day in Goa and I woke up with a heavy cloud over my head. I wished we could rewind and go back to the day we were leaving for Devgad.

The last day involved some sightseeing, some shopping, and some relaxing on the beach. We started off with breakfast, for which, we had to search for this cafe named Baker's Street. We reached and found it to be an adorable little cafe, with old-fashioned interiors and wooden exteriors. I looked around to see people with their Macs, sipping coffee and breakfasting on some sandwiches while they worked along.

I imagined me with my laptop there and what a delight it would be to sit here amidst other workaholics who were wordlessly getting their work done. We ordered some cold coffee, sandwiches, and puffs, and my goodness, they were lovely. The best part is the cost. The cafe is so pretty with tasty food and fewer prices. Sure a must-visit spot if you're around Penha de Franca.

Our guts were happy after a full meal and we left for our rooms. On our way, since we were on bikes (sadly, without a helmet), the police stopped us. We pleaded them saying we were out for breakfast and they let us go after a warning. A lesson learnt.

TIP: If you're on a bike in Goa, always wear a helmet! The security is tight and you don't want to be miserable in the Party Capital.

We went back and the management called for housekeeping. Until the guy was cleaning our rooms, we shopped something from the stalls outside our hotel. I bought a couple of shorts, a dress, and two tops, and I loved what I shopped. We came back to the room and changed for lunch.

I wore a white day dress with a pair of blue-shaded sunglasses. We lunched at an Udupi restaurant because we were still looking for budget-friendly meals. We then decided to step out around 4:00 pm as I had noticed a sunburn on my neck. 

It was around 4:30 pm when we left for Aquada Fort. However, instead of the fort, we went to the lighthouse, which was nearby and had a better sea view. We saw an exotic piece of land from the top and decided to explore that area.

When nearing, still from a distance, we saw there were barriers indicating it was a private property. However, we'd found a nice, green spot where we clicked a lot of pictures. Satisfied with the way they turned out, we started back for our rooms. We wanted to capture the sunset on the beach so we hurried back.

We changed into swimwear topped with coverings and hurried to the Calangute Beach. Since it was an offbeat opening to the beach, the crowd was less. We could witness the sunset, but as always, couldn't go in the water. We just sat on the edge and enjoyed the waves that delicately touched our bodies.

We then showered to wash off the sand. After changing into a dry set of clothes, it was time for dinner — the last of its kind in Goa...
We thought of screwing our budget and went to a modest shack Flying Dolphin instead. Its food was tasty and the view celestial. The service was cordial and the ambience romantic...this diner doubtlessly is one of the recommended shacks around Calangute.

We then went to our rooms and I was terribly sad since the day had ended and the night too. Tomorrow we were to leave for Kolhapur and then day after, for Mumbai...

EXPENSES SPLIT UP — per person

Room - Rs. 445 (AC room)
GST for room - Rs. 108
Breakfast - Rs. 225
Lunch - Rs. 105
Dinner - Rs. 310
Total - Rs. 1,193

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