Unwinding Myself at Gokarna – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 6

by - September 20, 2017

Today we were to leave for Gokarna. We were thrilled for this maiden visit, though I have been to parts of Karnataka before. I had even read about how you can see more of hippies here. 

I was keen due to the solace I would experience since it was less populated than Goa. After paying GST for our Amigo Plaza rooms, we left for Karnataka. We encountered such beautiful roads on our way that we often thought of stopping by and enjoying the beauty.

After a journey of two hours, we finally crossed the Goan border and reached Karnataka. We had planned on going to the Angediva island as on the maps we could see a narrow road surrounded by water and rainforest. But on reaching that area, we realized it was the naval base and that the gates were guarded. I wished I could pass through.

Soon after an hour, we were at Gokarna. It took almost more than an hour to find our cottages and we were so pissed at the lack of directional boards. I hope the Karnataka Government does something about this! (Though you can see there's massive development ongoing and I'm assuming within a couple of years, Gokarna would be blessed with good roads and other needful resources.) So I even met four Russian travellers who were looking for Kudle Beach. Poor chaps were struggling for directions. The Google Maps are devoid of innate locations as well so you would get lost during your inaugural visit here. (And if your cottages are not popular in that area, then the situation gets even worse.)

The best thing to do is ask the locals. Our cottages – Shri Umamaheshwar Cottages – were assumed as a temple by the locals. They directed us to an opposite direction and we lost our tempers.

Finally, we got off our vehicles and descended down the hill towards the Kudle Beach. There the cottages were! Chaotically situated amidst other abodes. After the formalities, we went to our rooms to find them terribly shady. We were heavily disappointed! After our Roy and Ron apartments, this was the second feeble shelter we were staying at. Personally, I wanted to shift from this place as soon as possible. I was even worried about changing clothes here! 

Since our bags were in our cars, we climbed back to collect them. We were discussing how shifting our base was the best we could do. For the same, we enquired at cottages/hotels in Gokarna, but in no vain. We were hungry as it was 5:00 pm and we had had nothing since our breakfast at 8:30 am. 

We thought of going back to Goa and how much we missed that place. Goa suddenly felt like home. We tried booking hotels there, but sometimes the internet, sometimes the battery, and sometimes the unavailability of the rooms couldn't let us book. Disappointed, we finalised on spending that night at Gokarna.

Off we took our heavy luggage and went down the hilly area to our cottages. After dumping our stuff, food was the only thing on our minds. We went to the Green Garden Restaurant for fries and some drinks. This was an alcohol-free shack so I was secretly happy. Overlooking the clean Kudle Beach, this evening was certainly refreshing. We then took a stroll on the sand, which was covered by boys playing cricket and cows straying. I was wondering what the cows were doing on the beach! For a second, just leave me alone, animals! As the cows' companions, there were dogs wagging their tails too. 

I did not enjoy the stroll on the beach because of this very reason. Habituated by no-nonsense beaches in Goa, the animals and the cricket ball disturbed my peace. We went back to the shack for dinner. This eatery has an extensive menu covering Israeli to Mexican food. If ever you come here, definitely try this cabin out. We were all delighted to try out dishes so we ordered a shakshouka, which was served with pita bread, and a huge burger, which came with fries. That evening corrected all the troubles we had to face since morning and enjoying the incredible sunset, I dined on world's best dishes. 

I was pondering how one must visit Gokarna if they want to relax, drink booze, and forget about worldly existence. I, however, recommend this place only after few more years. Once the place is developed and equipped with appropriate resources, it would be a happening spot. Away from the hustle and authorities, Gokarna is meant for unwinding oneself.

We were sitting at the Green Garden Restaurant until it was 10:00 pm, and then after sipping a mug of warm coffee, we went back to our rooms. The room appeared better than before, maybe due to the good lighting. We spread a sheet on the bed and dozed off under the fans. I got one of the best slumbers here so far, which is absurdly true...

EXPENSES SPLIT UP — per person

Breakfast (of 2 Amigo Plaza mornings) + GST - Rs. 325
Room - Rs. 275 (non-AC room)
Petrol - Rs. 330
Dinner - Rs. 250

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