The Scenic Vibhuti Falls – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 7

by - September 21, 2017

After a night at Gokarna, we were going back to Goa today. We booked two nights at Ondas Do Mar Beach Resort, which is situated in Calangute. For this, we woke up at 8:30 am and after a blissful sleep, I was certainly refreshed.

We breakfasted on some sandwiches with a big glass of tea. The view from this eatery, which was overlooking Kudle Beach, was so scenic and beautiful. Since it was early morning, there weren't many people around.

While we were loading our luggage into the cars, a local approached us. He recommended a place named Vibhuti Falls – a scenic place near Yana, Karnataka. We googled it up and were impressed looking at the pictures. We had to take a short detour to reach this place, but this extra distance was truly worth it.
Off we left. We crossed picturesque trails on our way. Finally, we reached a point where someone asked us to stop the cars. We stopped to find policemen who were stationed there to check people's bags.

TIP: Do not carry liquor to Vibhuti Falls since the police check your bags. Also, make sure you have your license and other car-related documents.

We passed the barriers and were marvelled seeing the trees and the smooth road towards the falls. I was assuming it to be a natural waterfall, and though it indeed is a natural waterfall, the surrounding area is maintained by the government. 

We reached the area where we had to park our vehicles and start walking towards the falls. This site is well-kept and I was jarred looking at the wooden dustbins, benches, and directional boards that added to the beauty. One of the boards made me extremely nervous though – "Help us protect leopards." In my mind, I was thinking how it should be the other way round, "Protect me from leopards."

This particular board downed my excitement a little and I was constantly looking around. In this whole area, only eight humans (plus a tiny human) were present and I needed an authority badly. I was just hoping I don't die of a leopard attack, that too in a foreign state!

We reached the falls and it was full of liveliness and vigour. Such dense the flow of water and such white the foam! What a beautiful, crystalline water and what a stunning location! Vibhuti Falls, doubtlessly, should be in your itinerary if ever you come to the southwestern zone of Karnataka. It would also make an ideal picnic spot or a perfect weekend getaway for the Kannadigas. 

We splashed in the cold, clear water for a half-hour, and then after snapping pictures, we came up. Since it wasn't a pre-planned activity, we had to dip in wearing our jeans. We changed our clothes outdoors as the restrooms were shut. Pleased to be in dry clothes, we headed back to Goa.

After going further, we stopped at Hotel Tarang en route National Highway 66 (Kochi Panvel Kanyakumari Highway) for lunch. The food was one of the best we had had on our trip. Soft chapati with creamy paneer tikka masala, followed by spicy dal tadka and soothing jeera rice – Ah! This is a must-visit diner on this route.

Later, nauseated by overeating, we stopped at the Karwar Warship Museum for a loo break. We surprisingly were exhausted and this break relieved us. We resumed and then after a long ride, we were in Goa. Unpredicately, our return journey from Karnataka to Goa was tiresome. 

We stopped at one of the chaat stalls after reaching Goa to refresh ourselves and had sev batata puri. (I was almost about to have beef, but thankfully I peeped in while the cook was preparing the dish; I wanted to eat cutlet pav, but then dropped the idea since the cutlet was made of beef and not my friendly potato.) 


We were still an hour away from reaching our abode and I was turning impatient. Finally, there it was! Opposite to some local stalls, our area was blessed with shopping opportunities. We checked into our home for two nights. Our hotel Ondas Do Mar – meaning "sea waves" – was a lit resort. We were offered complementary drinks and the welcome was warm and cordial.

We got freshened up for dinner. I wanted to shop essentials like a mobile charger and a travel-sized face wash, and we were so annoyed by the lack of general stores in Calangute. After the purchase, we went to an Udupi restaurant for dinner. We had crossed our budget and we were trying to go as light as possible. After devouring onion uttapam, we went back to our rooms. It was time to sleep on the luxurious bed.

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Breakfast - Rs. 175
Petrol - Rs. 225
Lunch - Rs. 200
Snacks (Chaat) - Rs. 35
Room - Rs. 455 (AC room)
GST for room - Rs. 108
Dinner - Rs. 130

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