The Going Back Journey – Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 9, 10

by - September 29, 2017

Day 9

It was time to head back home. Our first overnight halt was Kolhapur and it took us 5 hours to reach. We woke up with a heavy heart, and after checking out from Ondas Do Mar resort in Goa, we started our journey towards Kolhapur. We breakfasted on paneer paratha in a Punjabi Dhaba and left further. This time we were taking the highway and not a local route so the journey was not as scenic as before. 

We took the Amboli route and the roads sometimes were bad but otherwise, it was a scenic journey, especially the Amboli ghat and the gigantic Amboli waterfall. We didn't go near the fall as it was heavily crowded – credits to the day being a Saturday – but we had a bowl of masala Maggi just opposite to it in one of the shacks. After a mini break, we left further for Kolhapur. We reached around 3:00 pm and lunched on spicy Kolhapuri misal. 

Since we had a whole evening with us, we started planning. It was Liverpool versus Manchester City, and as one of my colleagues is an LFC fan, we hunted down cafes that held the screening of the match. We contacted the LFC Kolhapur group on Facebook and through that, found a cafe named Grain De Cafe. Delighted, we were happy to have some kickass plan. The cafe is a nice little place with delicious inexpensive food. Though Liverpool lost by 5-0, the food made us happy.

Later, as my cousins live in Kolhapur, I called my sister to meet me. We all went to the DYP Mall, met her, and dined on pizza. Finally, after a 10-day wait, I was devouring pizza. The place was quite cheap – had one paneer tikka 8 inches for Rs. 130. It was around 9:00 pm when we headed back for our hotel Tanwani. We had booked non-AC rooms, so the experience was a little unpleasant. (Though when I'd woken up around 3:00 am, I felt cold and I took a blankie.)

The second last day of the journey had come to an end. We were leaving for Mumbai tomorrow and I was already disheartened.

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Room - Rs. 315 (non-AC room)
Breakfast - Rs. 100
Maggi - Rs. 25
Lunch - Rs. 100
Snacks (Match) - Rs. 85
Dinner - Rs. 130
Petrol - Rs. 375
Total - Rs. 1,130

Day 10

We woke up around 8:30 am, and after breakfasting on uttapam, left for Mumbai. We passed through the Lonavla route and boy! Was there some nasty crowd. It was Sunday, so people were all over the place. 

Nevertheless, after crossing Pune via the old Mumbai Pune Highway, we stopped at Kamath's for lunch. The sabzi, rotis, and dal tadka were so delicious, I still recall the taste! We soon reached Mumbai and then at our homes. The 10-day trip to Goa and Gokarna had come to an end, and it meant that the dull, mundane life was about to resume...

EXPENSES SPLIT UP – per person

Breakfast - Rs. 95
Lunch - Rs. 260
Water - Rs. 20
Total - Rs. 375

Total trip expense - Rs. 11,327 + Rs. 3,000 (shopping) = Rs. 14,327

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