Discovering Food — Goa Gokarna Travelogue, Day 5

by - September 18, 2017

Today we were to discover food on our way towards North Goa. We were to shop something at the flea market on the Anjuna Beach, which is located in North Goa. And as we were staying at South Goa, there was an hour ride planned in the itinerary.

We woke up as foodies and swore to eat at the Goa's recommended restaurants. We searched down the Cherry Tomato bistro but it was shut. We later drove to The Station, which is located on the Kochi Panvel Highway in the town of Nuvem. Pleased by the archaic look, we were hoping to get good food here.

The service at The Station is warm and cordial. We ordered Fried Mushroom Spinach Balls along with a Lemon Soda and Tropicana's Mango drink. Delighted with the cheesy spinach flavour, the politeness of the staff, and the old-fashioned ambience, this is a recommended diner in South Goa.

We further left for the markets and our first of its kind was the Mapusa market. It was a huge disappointment as I was expecting a bohemian-styled flea market (something resembling Anjuna's market), but this just had stalls of mundane items.

TIP: If you're thinking of getting antiques and all the boho-type, standard Goa-styled items in the Mapusa market, then you're totally wrong! You only get necessities like vegetables, decent clothes, accessories at Mapusa and it's nothing glam.

Since Mapusa let us down, our next stop was the trusted Anjuna flea market. I have already been here and the mirrored antique pieces along with embroidered goodies had driven me crazy hitherto. We went through the narrow lanes shadowed with trees and it was so soothing to travel here. 

We reached the beach and there was no market anywhere. We asked the natives and they guided us stating the market is closed due to the ongoing season.

TIP: If you're in Goa during monsoon, all the flea markers are shut! They open somewhere around November or December. What the hell, yeah?

We were even more disappointed this time because I was all dreamy of catching the best stuff at the Anjuna's. What to do next was the question and the solution was to eat! We looked for a couple of recommended diners and they were all shut. What was happening to the Party Capital? I agree that it was an off-season, but are you serious? Where do the hungry travellers eat?

We then found a lovely place in the recommendations and it was located at a cliff! The Shalai resort is a little away from the Anjuna Beach and is a pure luxury. A recommended resort for food as well for stay, I'm sure this would make a heavenly abode. 

Taking our vehicles all the way up the hill was a task — the road was bumpy and there were more stones than sand. We somehow entered their huge gates and on reaching the resort, we were awestruck! Such an exquisite retreat with a celestial view of the Anjuna Beach. Classy furniture with an amiable crew, this place is no lesser than nirvana!

We sat on the plush turquoise sofa and ordered drinks. I chose a Virgin Fruit Punch like always. We requested Veg Crispy for the starters and it was divine. After devouring red Thai Curry with steamed rice, we marked the end of our lavish, scrumptious lunch. The only reason why we could tolerate this day was due to this restro!

Our next halt was the famed Chapora Fort. Since the day Dil Chahta Hai was screened, this fort has gained an overnight stardom. We reached the fort to find a lot of people. The boys were recapturing the DCH trio and the couples were redefining love sitting on the barriers, overlooking the sea.

I am not fond of places with too many people and Chapora Fort was nothing distinctive. We started back for our shelter in South Goa. There was a sea of vehicles on the road so it took us more than the usual time to get back.

Relieved after entering our rooms, the next mission was to search a nice place for dinner. We thought of revisiting the Boomerang Bar and Restaurant and had a plate of fries and cheese balls there. Next, we went to another diner named Leda and devoured pasta with vanilla-topped waffles for desserts.

Satisfied with the food, we sure were a little guilty of over-splurging and hoped to save the next day...

EXPENSES SPLIT UP — per person

Room - Rs. 400 (AC room)
The Station - Rs. 150
Shalai - Rs. 675
Parking (outside Chapora Fort) - Rs. 5
Boomerang Bar & Restaurant - Rs. 245
Leda Restaurant - Rs. 257

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