Focallure '04 Captive' Matte Lipstick | Review, Swatches, Look

By Rutuja Bhagwat - April 30, 2017


We're testing this brand to launch on JocoVerve. There are many products under this brand, of which, the reviews have been good from my side. This is the fist review of Focallure on TPCG and I have many in store for you.

The lipstick comes in a box, which is a sturdy one. The look of this lipstick is classy and resembles a lot like Mac matte lipsticks. This one's something you could definitely show off. It comes with a twist bottom, just like any other typical lipstick.

Application is smooth and the colour is highly pigmented. You won't get a super matte finish, but whatever little shine you get, will only look good, I promise.
The lipstick is fragrant. You won't sense wax like smell while applying, but a lemony fragrance.

The colour bends towards fuchsia pink. I had a similar shade in Miss Claire (Shade No 24), but that was hot pink, and this is fuchsia pink. A great colour to bring out dull outfits.
The lasting power is surprisingly good. I had applied this and then I hit the shower. Though I avoided contact of water, the lipstick was just as it was before shower. Also, when you eat/drink, not too much of it will vanish. And, whatever portion goes away, fades smoothly, rather than chunks of it disappearing. So if you're going on a date, this range of Focallure could be it.


- Inexpensive
- Looks classy
- Fragrant
- Highly pigmented
- Satisfactory staying power

- Availability could be an issue (you can order from JocoVerve when we launch it)
- Not a famous brand

If you find it, buy it.

SHADE: 04 Captive


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