April 2017 Favourites

by - May 03, 2017

April month just flew by. While trying hard to finish the day's A to Z Challenge, April was gone in a jiffy. I'm glad that at least because of the challenge, I could come up with topics that I wouldn't have otherwise written about.
I don't remember too many happy moments of the last month, because I spent it either by doing dissertation work or writing posts for A to Z Challenge. There's not much, but yeah, these are my favourites:

Finally, I submitted the damn copy of my research study. I'm hell like relieved and you have no idea how it all went. Also, I'm delighted to be the first one from the class to submit my work.

Back in 2006, I had been to this fantastically amazing summer camp in Pune. It was a 21 days long camp and right from the mattresses to pillows, we had carried everything. It was the best camp I'd ever been and catching up pals from it brought back memories.

I was at Bandra to take signature of my guide on my dissertation copies. I thought of taking a detour before coming back home. I hit my favourite Hill Road for shopping. I was alone and trust me, you can shop ten times better when you're without a company. I had one motto in mind--to shop tees worth 100 rupees only. That's right! I had come across this crazy deal last time, where the guys sat with comfy cotton tees by the street and they were for flat 100 rupees. I went there to purchase tops worth 100 rupees ONLY, and wouldn't pay for anything that's costlier than that. I got six tops for 100 each. Also, I came across a guy with mind blowing flats. I got three of them for 650 rupees in all. Therefore, I paid 1,250 rupees in total for 9 items!

I bought three lipsticks, a contour-highlight-blush palette, concealer, makeup brushes, nail polish, and blender in the month of April and I know I'm crazy!

I shared two outfits in April, both of which I loved. What I liked about both of them was the different styling and the fact that it was nothing made up for the sake of an outfit. Those were my two distinct styles!

What were your favourites of the last month?

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