8 Habits You Should Include in Your Night Routine

By Rutuja Bhagwat - May 12, 2017

Out of the habits mentioned below, I follow few. Creating a night routine does not just help you sleep better but also give you stress-free mornings. 


If you don't have enough time, just washing face with a daily facewash is fine too. I use the Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash every night to get rid of oil, makeup, and dirt. I just cannot sleep with a greasy face. No matter how sleepy I am, I wash my face.

This is one habit I try the most to follow, but fail after two-three days. For my cousin's wedding, I want pearly whites. I am currently using Himalaya Sparkling White toothpaste. For good results, I must brush twice a day, but I brush just once in the morning.
This habit not just keeps your mouth fresh and cavity-free, but also guard you off from the late-night munching!

This is for winters and if you're 30+, I guess you might have some night creams. Whatever creams you are ought to apply, apply them. Do not procrastinate. During winters, I do apply moisturizer. It's not a routine, and I apply it only when I find my skin dry.

Eye cream is a fancy word, but you know what? You can apply Kailash Jeevan too. I had written a post on how this is my favourite eye soother. If you're 30+, you might have eye creams to fight wrinkles and dark circles, but if not, Kailash Jeevan is best for a sound sleep. I have another one by Biotique that works just as well.

I don't know if this should be included in the habit-list, but it's an important task to do before hitting the bed. Visiting the loo before bed just gives you an undisturbed sleep.

If you're someone who gets less sleep or have to cook early morning, then picking outfit a night before is suggested. It not only makes your mornings stress-free but also ensure you have worn all the necessary accessories, thus keeping you stylish always. When you have so many things to do in morning, outfit is of your least concern; by following this habit, you will always look and feel beautiful.
Check all the impending tasks of the week and try to finish them the next day. Also, go through the due tasks and plan your next day accordingly. Don't forget to make lists of tasks to do!

This is yet another unmissable thing for me. I drink a glass of water after washing my face. It makes me feel better and hydrated. Even if it's monsoon, drink water, as it helps you get a fresh and a happy mind.

What would you include in this night routine?

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