Focallure '02 Smoky Topaz' Lip Crayon | Review, Swatches, Look

By Rutuja Bhagwat - May 08, 2017

This one's a lip crayon by Focallure brand. A couple of days back, I had shared a review of their fuchsia pink matte lipstick. The brand's driving me crazy, as I'm loving all the products I've tried so far.

The shape of the lip crayon is something I'd never seen before. It looks like a classy yet fun product to carry. The crayon comes in a box and I must say, I'm impressed by their packaging. You don't need to roll up the lipstick as the product is exactly like a crayon.

The tip of the crayon will go on becoming blunter. You could use a wide sharpener to sharpen it, but I cannot guarantee that the tip would sharpen. Due to the bluntness, you might not be able to outline your lips, hence a lip-liner is recommended to go along with this. The application is smooth as the crayon just glides on the lips!

The product is highly pigmented. Just one coat would work well. The colour is brown, with slight tint of pink. The lasting power is average. After the application, I'd had lunch and drank water following it; the colour was still in tact, but a touch-up would be needed if you're out for an important event. 

- Highly pigmented
- Inexpensive
- Smooth
- Travel-friendly packaging
- Classy shade

- Availability could be an issue (wait till we launch on JocoVerve!)

There are many shades in this, so if at all brown's not your colour, you can check others out. Anyway, it's recommended from my side!

SHADE: 02 Smoky Topaz


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