How to Dispose a Used Sanitary Napkin

by - May 07, 2017


Several times in public toilets, I've come across used sanitary napkins shabbily thrown in the bin. Sometimes the wrapper is off (thanks to the weak adhesiveness of the wrappers) and sometimes there's no wrapper with it. I always wonder who these careless women are.

Nevertheless, if you've ever felt that you have no trick to wrap sanitary napkins, especially when you're on the go, then fret not. In order to properly wrap used sanitary napkins/pads, you just need a magazine paper and a small plastic bag. 


1. Roll the used pad and wrap it in the wrapper.
2. Add another layer by wrapping a magazine paper around the rolled up pad.
3. Put the pad in a small plastic bag.
4. Throw the bag in the dustbin.

This process is so neat and tidy that the people who empty dustbins won't even be grossed out. Every time I travel during my period, I make sure I have carried magazine papers and small bags. I count the number of pads I would change while on the trip and accordingly carry papers and bags. If you don't have magazines at home, you can carry newspapers instead.

Therefore, please don't forget to pack these two essentials while packing your pad. 

How do you dispose your used sanitary napkins?

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