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by - May 21, 2017

My cousin's wedding was on 19th May, and apart from that, there were many other days with wedding related rituals. I haven't clicked many pictures of the bride, groom, or the wedding, but many selfies and the rest of us who weren't getting married!

I'm gonna divide the pictures according to the rituals.

Before the wedding, the groom at his place and the bride at her place conduct a pooja where they make peace with the planets (grahas). It's an important ritual as nobody wants any negativity.

With Mami

We also had lunch in pangat style, where plates are arranged in rows, and guests eat together. The ladies of the house serve the guests food. If you're wondering why the quantity of each food item is so less, then that's a custom. The first serve always is little. Later on, sufficient quantity is served.

 Our haldi ceremony is less grander and much quieter than many Hindu weddings. We just invite closed ones. In this ceremony, which is before the wedding, the groom at his place and the bride at her place are applied haldi (turmeric). It is to remove any impurity from the body and as turmeric has healing power, it works both ways. The turmeric is applied by the women of the house.
The ladies come one by one and firstly apply oil, then do pooja of the bride/groom, and lastly apply turmeric.



The bride

With the sibling of the groom

My brother

My dad

My cousin and his mom

My cousin, dad, and groom's father

 The reception was on the same day, after the wedding.

My dad, mom, and brother

This ritual is done post wedding. I am a Karadhe Brahmin, but my cousin is a Kokanastha Brahmin, and this ritual is done by the Kokanasthas (known as Ko-Bras fondly). Four married Kokanastha ladies are called along with a little Kumarika (she's the one who hasn't reached her puberty yet). They perform pooja and then are given a gift (something like a water bottle, lunchbox, bag, or a similar item), rice, blouse piece, and a coconut. 
Food is served on five small pieces of banana leaves and it is then mixed by the five ladies. The mixture is later fed to cows. There are other customs to follow during this pooja too.


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