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by - April 07, 2017

 This post will not just feature me, but my friends too. On Wednesday, I was out at my best friend Karthika's place. It was just two of us and we were baking chocolate pancakes. I had uploaded a story on Instagram, seeing which, another best friend Prajakta, joined in too. Karthika had invited me to satisfy her new-found makeup love. I had carried my makeup box and she tried her hands on me. After that, she had promised me for a photoshoot.

I wanted to keep it casual, so I decided on ripped jeans, oversized tee, white sneakers, and retro sunglasses. After the pancake-baking, makeup-doing session, we had a photoshoot. It was a fun day.

Also, you must be surprised by the title. "Friends and Foes" is a confusing title. So, these are my school best friends (two more are missing). We're friends since 7th grade and we're so used to being us with each other that the friendship is sort of taken for granted (in a good way, of course). Out of the blue, I get angry at them, and declare to myself that I hate them and never want to be their friends again. Then after that phase is passed, we're back together! Sometimes they're my friends, sometimes they're my foes; psst, they're my friends for longer. It's a funny reality, hence the title!

Now that you know the story behind the title, check out the pictures!

"Pure" Oversized Tee | Thane; Ripped Jeans | Bandra; White Sneakers | JocoVerve; Pink Retro Sunglasses | JocoVerve; Lipstick | Miss Claire


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