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by - April 12, 2017


This post is about my online store JocoVerve. All those who are new here, JocoVerve is my Instagram and Facebook store. We sell lot of stuff offline too, when customers demand us and we try our best to get them in stock. We sell clothes, accessories like earrings, necklaces, pendants, sunglasses, rings, chokers, shoes, stationary, and other utility stuff.
If you're wondering what JocoVerve means then the word is derived from 'jocose' and 'verve'. Jocose means playful/happy and verve means spirits. So basically, JocoVerve means playful spirits. This store is owned by me and my best bud Mrudula. Both of us are students so we have shifted the priority to our studies now, since this is our exam/submission time.

We've got over 150 orders in just four months and by far, we've got more positive feedback than the negative one. We can't wait for our college life to get over so that we can finally concentrate on the store. Of late, we've been floating less of ads because we are tied up with our colleges and submissions and lot of work prior to that.

This post was to push my store to you guys, because the stuff's really good. It's a start-up and we appreciate your love and support.

Do follow the store on Instagram and on Facebook.


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