Closet Tour 2017

by - April 04, 2017

 I had shared a closet tour back in 2014. The placement was different that time. What you would find is that the number of clothes now has increased tremendously. The 2017 closet looks messy, but trust me, when you see it in real, you'll love it more. This is my post for the letter C of the A to Z Challenge.

What I'm proud to say is that I did not make any change in the 2017 closet to "pretend" I was organized and cool. Whatever you see inside is honestly kept there. I am obsessed with keeping my closet neat all the time. No matter even if you give a surprise visit and take a look in, you would always find it perfectly kept. I just can't tolerate mess inside (psst, just ignore the last two shelves, I have absolutely no desire in organizing them.)

These are few more pictures of what's inside my closet. For a full tour, watch my video:

Let me know in the comments below if you have any doubt. Also, take note that this video is for those followers who requested me for a closet tour.

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