Earrings' Cluster

by - April 06, 2017

For the letter E, I decided on sharing my earrings' collection. My cousin Pratik suggested me this one. I had called shots for elephant print wallpapers, but thankfully, my cousin helped me with this idea.
I'm not a girl with lot of earrings, because if you ever meet me, you'd find me with naked ears. I don't wear studs at all, however, I do wear heavy earrings on Indian attires. I'm a no-necklace-heavy-earrings kind of a girl when it comes to traditional outfits. Anyway, let's jump in to my petite cluster of earrings; however, before that, I would like to show how I store them.

I keep all the ear studs in this small Hello Kitty tin box. My dad had got dark chocolate balls in it from Shanghai. I had two of these, but I think I've lost the second one. The chocolate balls were yummy, and the tin box is yummier! I keep this box inside the polka-dotted box.

I keep rings, earrings (not the heavy duty ones), and bracelets in this polka-dotted tin box. Once when my dad was returning from Dubai, it was my birthday. He picked this box that had lot of chocolates from The Chocolate Room at the Mumbai airport. I loved the box so much, that I had to preserve it.

How I got this box is a funny, trivial story. When I was interning with Vogue India, a bakery named Sassy Teaspoon had sent this box, which again, was of chocolates. Only two pieces were remaining and I wanted both of those. Also, I was eyeing at the box as it was so pretty. Luckily, not many people were around that time as it was post 6 pm. I took the entire box, ate one chocolate, gave another to the fellow intern, and kept the box to myself. Slight traces of melted chocolate could be seen on the lid, but I cleaned those off and carried the box home! I'm a mad, mad girl, but I can't help my craze about pretty things.
I use this box for keeping statement jewellery like necklaces and earrings.

These are the earrings from the first two boxes. Some are by Avon, some I got from local beauty shops, and remaining are from the local trains; actually, most of these are from local trains.

These are statement earrings that I keep in the pink cardboard box. Though I love heavy earrings, you can see, I don't have many. It's because whatever Indian traditional clothes I have, are either pink or red. And, if they're not either of these, they definitely have gold in them.

This is my collection of earrings. How many pairs do you have?

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