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by - April 01, 2017

I am taking up the A to Z Challenge, which is already taken up by thousands of bloggers worldwide. In this challenge, the bloggers have to write something related to the alphabetical theme of the day, along with the title starting with that particular alphabet. It lasts for the whole of April, and barring Sundays, each day of April has a theme. It starts from today and the theme today is letter A.


I'm so amazed by inspirational and motivational quotes out there on the internet. I remember how when I was a weaker individual, my frequently looked for quotes were those related to sadness, failed friendships, or any such that would put me down rather than lift me up.

But ever since I've become this amazing version of me, someone with confidence, goals, willingness to take actions, someone that knows what she exactly wants, my 'search history' has changed, the pages I follow on Facebook and the accounts I follow on Instagram, Twitter have changed. It's all inspiration; it's all about motivation. I listen to inspirational speeches on YouTube while commuting rather than listening to music; that's how important this is to me.

For all those like me, who are constantly seeking motivation, I thought I should round up quotes that include two powerful words that begin with the letter A--Aims and Ambitions. Both of these are excessively important to me. Here are some quotes I picked up for you. (Also, take note, none of these quotes belong to me. They were picked up from the internet and I thank the creators who designed them.)







I hope this post helped you in pushing you towards your goals.

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