Gudhi Padwa 2017

by - March 28, 2017

Just like every year, this time too I went down to see the Gudhi Padwa parade. I was amazed to see so many young girls draped in navari sarees with chandrakor tiklis and the graceful naths. I never knew that people dress up so well for watching (and celebrating) this Gudhi Padwa parade too. Next time on, I'm sure to at least have a lipstick along!

This year it was just me and my Gudhi-Padwa-Parade-Partner Ranjana. She lives in the same building as I do and we've not missed a single year's parade. We both always have each other's company, even if our other friends don't show up. So well, here are the pictures from Gudhi Padwa 2017:

I thought of keeping my face natural. I applied a hard-to-see golden eyeshadow with a thick line of eyeliner on my eyes, light blush on my cheeks and lip balm covered with a slight dab of orange lipstick for this natural makeup look. I fixed upon this look because I didn't want to look overly dressed up. But since now I know how other girls dress up for this occasion, I might do a heavy makeup next time!
I put this chandrakor (moon-like) tikli, which the Maharashtrians put, by the way, along with a diamond shaped copper drop earrings.

My mom had got this dress material from Pune for herself, but as soon as my eyes fell on it, my face had a glow. My mom immediately made out that I was in love with this one. So she gave it to me!
I had this very style in my mind. A good fitting dress, short, with loose, voluminous patiala salwar. I wanted to make sure the tailor stitches it right so I had given my only perfectly fitting kurta I had for measurement. I asked the tailor to make this 2-inch looser than that kurta, though. I also wanted to attach a latkan on the back, but I hastily gave away the dress to get stitched, so gave up the idea of pretty latkans.
If you didn't know, I was never a girl who would have special attachments like laces and latkans on her dresses, but I thought I needed to get out of my boring stitches and take some extra effort. I asked the tailor to attach laces on the bottom-line of the kurta and the sleeves. I'm overwhelmed seeing how the dress has turned out to be--exactly the way I wanted it to be!

My cousin and I had decided to meet, but not the exact time and place. Luckily, from the batch of first youngsters we saw this morning, he was one of them. We exchanged wishes and clicked some selfies.

I love keeping outfits ready a night before, no matter what the function is. Last night, I placed my dress, bindis (tiklis), earrings, and bangles (which I forgot to wear) on a cool stool made of straws! I had also posted this picture on Instagram!

 I applied this scarlet red nail polish last night before sleeping. And again, I had posted my newly applied nails on Instagram.
In the picture above, I'm holding neem leaves. We consume it on empty stomach on the morning of Gudhi Padwa. Neem leaves have various health benefits, including hair and skin care. We also put leaves in a water of bucket while bathing.

We erect gudhis on this day. The gudhis have a silk cloth, a copper vessel, a garland of sweets made of sugar, and a garland of flowers and leaves. We erect it in the morning after bath and puja, and take it down before the sun sets.

We have special menu on this day, which usually includes shrikhand, puri, waran bhaat, and batatyachi bhaaji. This time, instead of the sweet dish shrikhand, my mom made puran polis. We eat puran polis along with liquid ghee and milk. It tastes heavenly and is clearly one of my favourite Indian sweet dishes!


Some pictures from the parade. Women wearing navari sarees, buns, and all the pretty jewellery in this world. They were playing lezim (dancing using small musical instruments).


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