Holi 2017

by - March 13, 2017


If you know me personally, you would know how much I love to play Holi. I'm that high-spirited chap who forces everyone to get down to play. I have neither understood those who don't play Holi nor could ever bear that kind of negativity in my life. For me, everyone must play Holi.

I've known girls who say no to play because their skin could get damaged. Whoa! I told you, I would never understand such people. Every year, after urging my society's people to come down for Holi, this year I just didn't ask anyone. As we're getting older, my enthusiasm for asking people is weakening too. You ask me to play right now, I would definitely come. I'm someone who has played Holi even when she had exams the next day as well. But now, asking others seems such a big task.

As my school best friends hadn't met me on my birthday, we had planned to meet today morning for a short Holi play followed by lunch or something. But, the very moody best friend of mine, Karthika, said yesterday night that she wasn't in a mood to play. Because of which, Prajakta, who always has backup plans, immediately cancelled on us and made plans with other people. I was angry because cancelling Holi and Birthday plans is not forgivable. Karthika immediately said that she could come to play, but Prajakta had made plans elsewhere already, and said she could meet for two hours. What's the fun to play for two hours? And, and, on top of that, Karthika and Prajakta said that they would just like if we put little colour on them. Who plays Holi like that?

So, I was just sitting today morning, when I felt the urge of uploading this status on Facebook:

I was just going through my cellphone when the doorbell rang. My mom attended it and told me that Ranjana and other women were waiting for me to get coloured. I happily went there and they were all colourful, wet, happy, and had naughty grins on their face. As I was wearing my new set of pjyama and t-shirt, I told them that I would change into older clothes so that they could put colours on my face.

I happily changed and they painted my face with pinks, reds, and greens. I promised them that I would change my new pyjama to older one and would come down to play. I hurriedly changed and on my way down, I rang Ranjana's doorbell. She said she was on period so she couldn't play, but thankfully, her mom suggested her to have a dry Holi. I was delighted as Ranjana is not only a society girl but my best friend too.

We went down, the ladies attacked me with colourful water that they'd strategically filled in large buckets. The little kids came running to us with their water guns that were attached to plastic tanks on their backs. Wow! If you haven't played Holi yet, I'm sorry, but you've missed out on important experiences in life.

We put colours on each other's faces, older people asked us why we didn't come down to play, kids still continued to water our already-wet bodies with thread-like force from their water guns. All in all, we were down for half-hour only, but whatever time we spent colouring, was indeed joyous. I hope I have a colourful and happy Holi every year and I hope the same for you too. Here are some vivid pictures that we clicked from today:



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