March 2017 Goals

by - March 03, 2017


Birthday - Not Expecting Too Much
Again this year, I'm not gonna expect anything. I have never expected surprises, but this year, I'm not gonna expect any kind of happiness too. Last year's birthday wasn't spent well at all, so I'm not risking it this year. Let's not be excited for our birthdays at all.

Trusting the Timing of Life
I want so many things in life right now. Something like a stable life, healthy income, material possessions like a self-owned iPhone, or end of college life...but all I know is that I have to have patience. I need to trust the timing of life and know that the right things will fall in place on the right time. Obviously, my college life will be over in April, I'll be able to concentrate on my store, that will give me proper income, which in return will give me stable life, and then I'll snatch material possessions. I know that I need to wait and show an act of endurance. Be calm, be patient, one day, it's gonna be exactly as I desire.

Getting 60+ JocoVerve orders
We got 32 orders in first month, 54 in second. We're hoping that we get 60+ in March. We've got 15 orders till now and waiting for more. We've got ear studs, drop earrings, and sexy shades in store for you this summer.

Staying Happy
I just want to remain happy. I'm happy with whatever career decisions I've taken and though this dissertation is killing me, I must stay happy and positive. JocoVerve's doing good; it's dissertation I'm most worried of. I'm not working for it even a bit, but it's just hanging with me; it follows me wherever I go, and it turns me miserable. All I want to do is take a deep breath, hold for few seconds, and leave. Like my yoga teacher from school said, "Rechak (inhale)...purak (exhale)."

First Cousin's Engagement Ceremony
This is the first engagement ceremony of any of my first cousins. This event is a home affair and should be one. The thing is, this cousin is far elder to me, so I've not spent affectionate time with him. But since he's a first cousin, and since his fiance would be my first sister in law, I should not neglect it. I will try my best to befriend her and welcome her into the family. I've not met her yet, but have seen her photo and thought that she's cute, simple, shy, and sweet. I just want to be friendly, warm, and over-excited! The ceremony is on the 18th and I've not even planned an outfit yet. I'm thinking of concentrating on dissertation progress report, which is on 6th, then my birthday, and once the special day passes by, I'll start hunting for an outfit. An anarkali or a lehenga is in mind for starters.

What are your goals for March?

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